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  • [1-8 years old]
    The magnificent world of children

    Toysland is an indoor venue for children parties with a large play area and amusment activities in the north suburbs of Athens. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Nest Kids Play Cafe
    A kids friendly cafe

    Nest Kids Play Cafe is a fairytale place for children, suitable for enjoying your coffee while the play.

  • [0+ years old]
    Interactive Educational Multipurpose Space

    Paidotropos is a space of 500 sq.m. designed for children to have a fun and creative time in a safe environment by trained educators.

  • [0+ years old]
    Children's Academy of Art and Science

    The Treehouse is more than just a playground. Your kids here will be creatively entertained by experienced educators while you enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

  • [1-6 years old]
    Paramythochoriο - Fairytale land
    A place from fairytales designed for children

    Paramythochorio is a special place inspired by fairy tales and designed with child safety in mind. Here our little friends can get creative with or without the supervision of their parents.

  • [2-10 years old]
    Don Quixote
    Game and Expression Center

    A play and expression center where children can play freely, learn arts such as music, dance, painting and do creative activities.

  • [2+ years old]
    Ora Texnis
    Multi-room of free expression and activities

    Ora tis Texnis is a creative playground for creative work with music, painting, construction, cooking programs as well as activities with thematic workshops, experiments, live music and children's cinema for children and adults. The venue is also available for birthday parties.

  • [0+ years old]
    Cado Paradiso
    Upcycled playground

    An indoor playground with recycled toys in Kato Petralona, ​​where children can play, work creatively with activities such as art games, music training, theater play, experiments but also learn to make toys and useful objects.

  • [0+ years old]
    Multi-room of entertainment and education

    The Seferland playground consists of themed floors, the Seabed on the ground floor, the Vessels of the Ship on the 1st floor and the Captain's Cabin on the 2nd floor. On every floor there is a dedicated staff ready to work creatively with the kids. Also there is a special venue for the attendants.

  • [5+ years old]
    Planet Physics
    The Physics Museum where science becomes a game!

    Planet Physics is a modern space designed to bring children of all ages closer to the magical world of Physics through fun activities which transform lessons into discovery and fun!

  • [2-10 years old]
    Place of expression and game

    A place for expression and play in Vyronas with a certified playground and workshops with various themes such as music play, crafts, theatrical play and much more. A waiting area is available, specially designed for companions with drinks and snacks.

  • [0+ years old]
    Fun Park
    Playground at Afidnes Attiki

    At FUN PARK, the playground in Afidnes, Attica, our little friends will have fun and play with their souls in the inflatable toys, slides and toy constructions!

  • [0+ years old]
    Gazoo Playpark Cafe
    The adventure begins here

    At Gazoo Playpark playground you will find a safe three-storey toy building and inflatable toys for children's creative entertainment, always under the supervision of experienced staff. There is a special area for parents and the playground is also available for birthday parties.

  • [0+ years old]
    Bubble Coffee
    The perfect place for a party

    The Bubble Coffee playground is the right destination for the whole family. With a room with a capacity of 100 people, a rich menu for food and refreshments and a wide variety of games. The venue is also available for birthday parties.

  • [0+ years old]
    Ilioupolis Fun Park
    Outdoor Playground

    Ilioupolis Fun Park is an outdoor playground ideal for children's parties.Your kids will have fun safely under the supervision of qualified staff as you enjoy your coffee.

  • [0+ years old]
    Thematic playground like a smurf village

    The children's playground stroumfomagia provides a pleasant environment that guarantees endless hours of play and carefreeness in the specially constructed space as a smurf village.

  • [0+ years old]
    Mafa's Clown
    Organizing children's events

    Mafa's Clown is an ideal choice for organizing any children's event. They provide high quality services such as educational programs and creative parties. They undertake the processing of events in the area of ​​your choice as well as in their own playground.

  • [0+ years old]
    Sweet Happy Faces
    Playground at Nea Smyrni

    The Sweet Happy Faces playground is an ideal place for endless play and carefree for both children and parents. It is an ideal location for children's parties.

  • [0+ years old]
    Warm and family playground

    The Karamel playground is a warm and beautifully designed space with inflatable toys and coffee for parents. The children are employed by experienced staff for endless play.

  • [0+ years old]
    Mikroi Iroes-Little Heroes
    The game is not just a way to have fun but a way to mature

    The playground Mikroi Iroes is an idyllic destination for expression and creative play for our little friends. It is located in a beautiful detached house with large and safe spaces, with a beautiful large garden full of toys.

  • [1-9 years old]
    neraidoskoni-fairy dust
    Fun game

    The playground neraidoskoni is a fantastic place to entertain children of all ages from 1 to 9 years old. It has toy constructions, an inflatable trampoline and many more toys for fun game.

  • [2-10 years old]
    Multi-space for young and old

    Funmily is a multi-family entertainment venue that meets the needs of parents and utilizes the skills of our little friends. It is a specially designed space that functions as a playground and cafe-restaurant. It is ideal for children's parties, christenings and corporate events.

  • [0+ years old]
    The best playground in Athens

    Perperino playground is the best and largest playground in Athens that has been operating for 21 years, entertains children with a wide variety of toys and the possibility of relaxation for parents.

  • [0+ years old]
    Family House

    Oliver Family House is a multi-room in the center of Glyfada. It is a carefully selected traffic safe spot where children develop their talent and skills while parents enjoy moments of relaxation.

  • [0+ years old]
    Hygge House
    Life's simple pleasures

    Hygge House is an ideal destination for all family members. A place where children will not get bored, while parents spend a nice and relaxing time.

  • [0+ years old]
    Creative Employment Center

    Art4fun is a space that covering the needs of every age. It is a creative employment center where  knowledge become a game.

  • [0+ years old]
    Coffee like a fairy tale
    A fairytale world

    The Cafe as a Fairy Tale is a space with a wonderful yard and a warm interior. It undertakes to creatively occupy your child and relax you.

  • [0+ years old]
    0-6 playground
    A playground in Rizoupoli

    The 0-6 playground is a source of entertainment and fun in a safe environment for your children.

  • [0+ years old]
    The house of joy
    A happy neighborhood in Ampelokipi

    The playground The House of Joy is a fairly large space where children play and have fun safely.There is also an outdoor area for endless hours of play.

  • [0+ years old]
    Fairy tale
    Playground & spectacle

    The playground fairytale is an alternative space for the entertainment of your children.It offers a spectacle of high standards in children's events and their services are characterized by quality with Love and Respect for the child.

  • [0+ years old]
    Captain Hook
    Moments full of fun and enjoyment

    At the Captain Hook playground, children play until exhausted in a clean and welcoming space with inflatable toys and experienced staff watching over them. While parents enjoy their coffee.

  • [0+ years old]
    Your own playground

    The Joyride playground offers endless hours of play in a space of 300 sq.m. with a three-storey play structure and a large inflatable toy.As long as you enjoy your coffee, the children are under the supervision of experienced educators.

  • [0+ years old]
    A multispace for play and entertainment

    SportsPark is a multispace of 2000 sq.m. with unique activities for your children, such as Lazer tag, bowling, Roller Skating, Ping Pong, Billiards and playground.

  • [2-8 years old]
    Children's play paradise

    At the Balloons playground, everyday play becomes an unforgettable experience.It has two large inflatable toys and arge fixed toy constructions. The baby park is filled with houses, caterpillars, slides and seesaws.

  • [0+ years old]
    It feels like HOME

    At XOMLanD they know very well that play is not just about employment, it is about expression, learning, socialization and discovery.

  • [0+ years old]
    Happy kids Relaxed Parents

    The Nube playground has creative and unique activities for children and an extremely well-kept space where parents can relax drinking their coffee.

  • [0+ years old]
    Barefoot Giants
    A place that combines entertainment with fun!

    Barefoot Giants is a playground that combines entertainment with fun, full of special games. In the summer months, there is an outdoor garden with lawn.

  • [0+ years old]
    The Play Hut
    Ideal multi space for the whole family

    The Play Hut promises that you will have a great time in a place with a lot of activities for young and old. Enjoy your coffee while your children operate safely.

  • [1+ years old]
    Fairytale village-Paramythochoriο
    Space of artistic and theatrical spectacles

     Fairytale villageis a place for children from fairy tales. Through a multitude of creative activities, children have fun and creatively fill their free time.

  • [0+ years old]
    Daily game

    The Zouzounoparea playground aims at the free expression of the child as well as at his proper psychosomatic development, through creative and modern play.

  • [0+ years old]
    Moto Moto
    Free game

    Moto Moto playground is a fun place for children's activities and free play. Parents can relax by drinking their coffee.

  • [0+ years old]
    The Palace
    At the Palace fits all the joy and fun of the children

    At the Palace, children enjoy a variety of activities based on imagination and creative work. The playground is suitable for children's parties, school events, corporate events, baptisms, etc.

  • [0+ years old]
    A children's entertainment area

    At the Yioupiland playground, your children will enjoy many of activities in safe facilities under the supervision of experienced educators.

  • [0+ years old]
    Friends young and old-Parea Mikroi Megaloi
    The best playground in the northern suburbs

    In the playground "Parea Mikroi Megaloi" the children enjoy a wide variety of toys while the adults enjoy their coffee and food in a beautiful place!

  • [0+ years old]
    Play Space
    A paradise of game

    Play Space is a wonderful playground for children. It has won an award as the best playground in Greece (7 stars) based on the certification of ELOT.

  • [0+ years old]
    Endless game

    The playground Pexnidoxora is a beautiful and creative place for children, while offering a few moments of relaxation and tranquility for parents. 

  • [2+ years old]
    Magic Land
    The magical playground

    The  playground Magic Land is a modern space for the whole family, it provides all the comforts for adults and unique toys for children.

  • [0+ years old]
    Children's entertainment services

    The 3bees playground is a well-equipped and comfortable space for children's entertainment. Here the child learns to build, research, think and create through play.

  • [2+ years old]
    Creative employment space

    The playground Paixnidismata is housed in a neoclassical house with a garden in Pefki. It is a place that aims not only to entertain but at the same time to strengthen children's skills and develop their imagination and sociability.

  • [0+ years old]
    4 mammys for kids
    Enjoyable play

    The playground ''4 mammys for kids'' is a place with a lot of activities for children and a pleasant environment for parents.

  • [0+ years old]
    Play Park
    Lambrini playground

    The playground Play Park offers to the children endless fun through the wide variety of toys it has and to the parents  moments of relaxation.

  • [0+ years old]
    Child & Play

    At the ''Bubbles'' playground, your children will be busy with games that develop their imagination and they will have much fun as you relax while drinking your coffee.

  • [0+ years old]
    Fairytale Playland
    A playground in Kifissia

    The  playground ''Fairytale Playland'' is special because it is made with a lot of love for child and parents in a clean and safe environment

  • [0+ years old]
    Kids Lab
    Creative workplace

    Kids Lab is a creative workplace where children are under the supervision by experienced staff with creative activities.

  • [0+ years old]
    Hocus Pocus
    A place for unlimited play

    At the Hocus Pocus playground, children have fun with many activities and amazing games that meet European safety standards and are approved by Elot.

  • [2-9 years old]
    Playground in Haidari

    At Cocoligo Playground, your kids enjoy unlimited hours of safe play under the supervision of experienced staff while you relax by drinking your coffee.

  • [0+ years old]
    Endless hours of joy

    In the playground ''Paixnidospito΄΄ children enjoy the game safely, without any danger and parents can enjoy their coffee with visibility in the playground area.

  • [0+ years old]
    The Friends Of Nemo
    Creative Playground

    The playground "Friends Of Nemo"  offers a variety of toys for young and old children and creative workshops at unbeatable prices.

  • [0+ years old]
    The parrots
    Outdoor playground

    The playground "The Parrots"  is an outdoor area with many toys for children. It has a covered area for parents to enjoy their coffee.

  • [0+ years old]
    Il Bobo
    We are having a great time

    The IL BOBO playground offers the best opportunity for entertainment and creative expression, responsibly paying for modern safety and hygiene standards, based on ELOT standards.

  • [0+ years old]
    Interactive Employment Space

    The ''Dreamland'' children's playground is a warm, welcoming and happy place overlooking the sea of ​​Piraeus and aims at the daily entertainment of children.

  • [1+ years old]
    A different place for children

    The 'Figures' are addressed at children and parents who love to spend their time creatively and individually.

  • [3-14 years old]
    Traffic education park for children

    Jumicar is a traffic education park for children where the child, while driving, perceives and realizes the importance of traffic education, learning experientially.

  • [2-18 years old]
    The Donkey farm
    A place for entertainment and education

    Donkey Farm - the park of the Hellenic Centre for Donkeys - welcomes you throughout the year, every Saturday & Sunday without reservation and introduces you to its protected donkeys through organised programmes. Visits are designed for young a

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  • [1-18 years old]

  • [1-18 years old]
    Lakkagini In Kourka
    Cafe - Steak House & Animal Shelter

    Apart from the shop where you can eat or drink your coffee while enjoying the natural landscape, the place has two playgrounds (inside and outside). In the outdoor area you can meet various animals of the Greek -and not only- countryside.

  • [1-18 years old]
    Cultural Park of Keratea
    Cultural Park - Folklore Museum - Experiential Educational Activities

    Programs are held on the grounds of the park. The activities of the park are addressed every weekend to the wider public who will visit the site and take part in the various and parallel activities of its programs.

  • [4-10 years old]
    At "farmamoo" you choose and plant your OWN GARDEN!

    Outdoor activities and adventure in nature. Children are invited to get to know the world of the farm through hands-on experiences, interact with friends, and enjoy their summer in this way. 

  • [1-18 years old]
    Goulandris Museum of Natural History
    A non-profit foundation dedicated to the study, conservation and protection of the natural environment.

    The Goulandris Natural History Museum is a Public Benefit Institution, dedicated to the study, preservation and protection of the natural environment.

  • [1+ years old]
    Benaki Museum
    Museum of History and Art, venues for events and educational programmes

    The Benaki Museum promotes the path of Greek culture, hosts exhibitions and events and cultivates knowledge. The Foundation has an educational programme department. 

  • [5+ years old]
    The Eugenides Foundation
    Planetarium, Digital Planetarium

    The institute has state-of-the-art technical equipment and is able to project impressive performances on the entire dome concerning developments in astronomy, as well as in other sciences.

  • [2+ years old]
    Museum of Cycladic Art
    A living cultural institution housing more than 3.000 objects of Cycladic, Ancient Greek and Cypriot art.

    The Museum of Cycladic Art is an active Cultural Organisation in the centre of Athens that focuses on the promotion of the ancient civilisation of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on the Cycladic art of the third millennium BC.

  • [2-14 years old]
    Hellenic Children’s Museum
    A type of museum designed for the needs and capabilities of children, as well as their parents and teachers.

    The learning promoted by the Museum is based on the active participation and experience of children with the objects. At the Children's Museum, children can observe, think, investigate, play, experiment and create. 

  • [2-14 years old]
    Museum of Greek Children's Art
    Learning through Art

    The Children's Art is at the heart of the Museum. Exhibitions, workshops, educational programmes and seminars for children aged 2.5-14 years, students and families are held in the museum's premises. 

  • [4+ years old]
    OTE Group Telecommunications Museum
    Cultural Institution

    Through its Collections, the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum presents the evolution of telecommunications and the history of the company in Greece.

  • [1+ years old]
    Acropolis Museum
    Museum of History

    The largest and the newest archaeological museum in Greece with the most famous works of Greek Antiquity.

  • [4+ years old]
    Experimental Science Museum
    Workshops for Young scientists

    The Museum was founded by young scientists and teachers with the aim of bringing children into contact with science. The Museum's educational programmes are interactive and aimed at families and schools. 

  • [1+ years old]
    Tactual Museum
    One of the only museums that allows visitors to touch the exhibits.

    The Museum has exhibits, statues, vases, sculptures and utilitarian objects which are faithful copies of the most famous and representative works of the historical - archaeological museums of Greece and abroad. 

  • [5+ years old]
    National Archaeological Museum
    Panorama of Ancient Greek Civilisation

    It is the Central National Archaeological Museum of Greece, and one of the most important in the world. Its collections consist of historical finds from all over the Greek empire, from the beginning of prehistory to late antiquity.

  • [2+ years old]
    Museum of School History and Education
    National Centre for Research and Rescue of School Materials

    Through the Museum's activities and collections, children and their chaperones come into contact with the history of school life in Greece and cultivate their critical thinking and creativity.

  • [5+ years old]
    Museum of Modern Ceramics
    Centre for the Study of Modern Ceramics

    The Museum aims to collect, preserve, study and present all materials, works and activities related to Ceramic Art. The Foundation also promotes the work of contemporary artists and implements educational programmes for schools, people with disabilities and children. 

  • [8+ years old]
    Museum of Herakleidon
    Science, Art and Mathematics

    The Museum's exhibits concern the Art, Technology and Sciences of the Ancient Greeks and the Byzantines. The Museum also hosts achievements and works of modern and contemporary scientists and artists.

  • [7+ years old]
    Byzantine and Christian Museum
    The Art and Culture of the Byzantine Years

    One of the national museums of Greece and one of the most significant museums internationally that host exhibits from the Art and Culture of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods.  Its collections date from the 3rd to the 20th century and come from the wider Greek, Asia Minor and Balkan areas.

  • [3+ years old]
    Industrial Gas Industrial Museum
    For the Industrial History and the Modern Cultural Heritage of Greece

    The Museum looks back on the industrial life of Piraeus Street and the neighbouring districts, and the role it played by gas flaring in the daily life of the cities.

  • [6+ years old]
    National History Museum
    History of the Modern Hellenism

    The Museum exhibits relics and works of art of Modern Greek history, from the fall of Constantinople from the Ottomans in 1453 to the present day. 

  • [4+ years old]
    Hellenic Motor Museum
    Technology and Evolution of the Automobile

    The Museum's collection consists of 340 cars. The Museum has access to a Formula 1 simulator, an educational programme for children on road safety and a 3D amphitheatre. 

  • [1+ years old]
    Museum of Illusions

    The Museum features exhibits - visual, interactive and photographic illusions, a collection of holograms, and other exhibits that appeal to visitors' senses, such as the Rotating Tunnel and the Rotating Room. The Museum's purpose is to entertain, educate and challenge visitors' perceptions of the world. The exhibits appeal to all ages. 

  • [5+ years old]
    Hellenic IT Museum in Moschato
    History and development of Technology in IT

    The Museum tells the story of the evolution of the technological achievements on display. The aim of the Hellenic Museum of Informatics is to gather and share with its visitors the knowledge about the history of information technology.

  • [4+ years old]
    Hellenic Maritime Museum
    Nautical History and Tradition

    The Museum brings to life Maritime History and Tradition, from prehistoric times until today, through the chronological and thematic presentation of exhibits such as ship models, paintings, historical relics, weapons, uniforms, etc. 

  • [1+ years old]
    Toy Museum in Paleo Faliro
    Benaki Museum of Toys

    The "Toy Museum" is part of the Benaki Museum. It exhibits toys, books, books, brochures, clothes and childhood objects from all over the world. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments by Phoebus Anogeianaki
    Centre for Ethnomusicology

    The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments exhibits a collection of 1200 Greek folk musical instruments from the 18th century to the present day, which were collected by the musicologist Phoebus Anogeianakis.

  • [0+ years old]
    The Loulis Museum
    History of the Greek Flour Industry

    The Museum, with modern and interactive methods, promotes the culture of food, the history of the milling industry and the tradition that surrounds them. 

  • [1+ years old]
    Zoology Museum of Athens University
    Museum of Natural History

    The "Museum of Zoology" belongs to the Department of Biology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. It is housed in the University campus and is the oldest Museum of Natural History in Greece.

    The Museum hosts rich collections of authentic organisms, which enable visitors to observe and explore species, the biological processes that govern them, Biodiversity and Evolution. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Museum of Marathon
    Archaeological Museum

    The Museum includes finds from the Neolithic to the late Roman period, which are displayed in five rooms and in the covered atrium. 

  • [3-12 years old]
    Paramythochora (Fairyland)
    Puppet Theatre

    Fairyland presents puppet theatre performances by the Puppet Theatre Group "Ark of Myths".

  • [1-6 years old]
    Panda in the Water
    Baby Swimming Vrilissia

    The aim of the swimming pool is to enhance children's physical ability to swim, play and orient themselves from an early age with activities appropriate to their level.  

  • [1-9 years old]
    Baby & Kids Swimming in Kallithea

    The "Turtles" have swimming pools for infants and children. They offer swimming lessons by age group, aqua lessons and organize children's parties. 

  • [1-18 years old]
    Veganaki (vegan)
    Vegetarian Mediterranean Cuisine

    "Veganaki" is a restaurant - cafeteria for vegetarians. Their recipes are homemade, Mediterranean, healthy and gluten-free.

  • [1-18 years old]
    Rafal Vouliagmeni
    Sea Food Restaurant

  • [1-18 years old]
    The Greco Project - Monastiraki

  • [1-18 years old]
    Bluefish Vouliagmeni
    Mediterranean Kitchen

    "Bluefish Vouliagmeni" is an idyllic place that serves fresh fish daily, cooked with the high quality techniques from the restaurants own chef.

  • [1-18 years old]
    Garbi Kavouri
    Mediterranean Cuisine

    The restaurant has a long tradition (since 1924) and the rich experience from generation to generation from the Garbi family.

  • [1-18 years old]
    Heimona Kalokairi Zoumberi
    Mediterranean Cuisine

    Gourmet tavern of the Parliaros family, which combines Constantinopolitan and Mediterranean cuisine.

  • [1-18 years old]
    Palia Agora (filothei)
    International Cuisine

    The "Old Market" is a green all-day cafe-bar/restaurant in an elegant suburb.

  • [1-18 years old]
    Dada’s Nea Pendeli

    All-day gastronomic pub with high quality beef steaks and fine wine.

  • [1-18 years old]
    Ama Lachei Eksarheia
    Traditional Tavern

    The restaurant with its garden has the characteristic of an old Athens neighbourhood, which it reinforces with its Greek cuisine. 

  • [5+ years old]
    Yacht Club of Greece
    The oldest sailing club in Greece

    The Yacht Club of Greece is the oldest sailing club in the country and has been an advocate for the love of the sea and navigation to its members, young and old, since 1933.

  • [4+ years old]
    Piraeus Sailing Club
    A sailing club for everyone

    The Piraeus Sailing Club is a place where the whole family, from toddlers to adults, can learn to sail and spend quality time together.

  • [0+ years old]
    Voula Nautical Sports Club

    Voula Nautical Sports Club is one of the most active sailing and water sports clubs for all ages.

  • [0+ years old]
    Nautical Club of Palaio Faliro
    An adventure that could last a lifetime

    The Nautical Club of Palaio Faliro offers sailing lessons for children and adults of all ages, teaching them the principles and values of seamanship as well as the love for the sea.

  • [0+ years old]
    MIT Kids
    STEAM Classes

    MIT kids is a S.T.E.A.M. workshop. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) that helps school and pre-school children cultivate 21st century skills.

  • [3+ years old]
    Flower Kids Yoga School
    Yoga Classes for kids of all ages

    Flower Yoga is a pioneering school in Greece that offers yoga classes for children of all ages and helps them develop psycho-physically through exercise.

  • [0+ years old]
    Entertainment Center for the whole family

    X-plore is a wonderful space for the whole family where our little friends have the opportunity to experience magical moments of fun and entertainment, discovering the world around them and learning through play!

  • [4-11 years old]
    Summer in the Park
    A summer festival for all ages in Athens

    Join us for an outdoor summer festival full of activities for kids and adults at Evelpidon Park!

  • [13-18 years old]
    Discover the First Teleportation Gateway in Athens
    An Experience Beyond Imagination!

    Teleport Services offers you the opportunity to teleport through an interactive experience that cannot be described or compared to anything you have ever experienced before.

  • [4-18 years old]
    Robotics for children

    Robotakia is an educational robotics school for children from kindergarten to high school.

  • [5-16 years old]
    Garage Robotics
    Developing skills for the future

    The Garage Robotics offers engaging classes for children of different age groups. They explore robotics, engineering, mathematics, and programming through hands-on activities using innovative technologies such as Dash & Dot, WeDo, EV3, and 3D design.

  • [4-9 years old]
    The Apprentice Sorcerer
    An Interactive Experience for the Whole Family

    "The Apprentice Sorcerer" is an interactive theater show for children now in its 6th year of success. Through magic tricks and group games, children are invited to help the young sorcerer, Costas Funtastico, bring back the missing toys and sweets to the world. 

  • [8-12 years old]
    Dragon's Tale: A Magical Journey into Microbit Programming for Kids in Athens
    Funky Dragon @Prelab Creative Space

    Children will enhance their creativity and engage with the fundamental principles of Architecture and Robotics within the story-telling journey. They will use the micro:bit board and Scratch programming for sensor programming.

  • [5+ years old]
    Emotions Museum
    Interactive museum about emotions for children and teens

  • [0+ years old]
    Festival of Magic
    A Magical Journey to the Technospace Ergotaxion

    Experience unique moments of magic and fun every Saturday at Technohoros Ergotaxion! The magicians Kelmis, Naya Maya and Costas Funtastico are waiting to take you to a world full of wonders!

  • [0+ years old]
    Athens Science Festival
    Discovering the World o Science

    The Athens Science Festival returns from October 10-12, 2023, at Technopolis City of Athens, spotlighting STEM professions and inspiring the next generation with the theme "Shape your Future". Mainly targeting students, teenagers, and educators, the event showcases the myriad opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through interactive sessions, discussions, and workshops.

  • [6+ years old]
    Halloween at the Eugenides Foundation
    Scientific Creepiness: Halloween comes to life at the Eugenides Foundation!

    The Eugenides Foundation offers a spooky Halloween experience with science experiments, riddles and surprises! For two weekends only, discover the science magic behind the spooky Halloween traditions at the Science and Technology Centre.

  • [12+ years old]
    Allou! Fun Park Halloween

    Halloween comes alive at Allou! Fun Park! Get ready for the Freaky Weekends and Halloween weekends with the witch Kidofrula at Kidom with spectacular shows, scary disguises and unique themed events!

  • [0+ years old]
    Little Kook
    Halloween Special

    In the heart of Athens, Little Kook unfolds a magical, spooky atmosphere for Halloween. Get ready to experience moments of chills and delicious delights in a space where fantasy meets the sweet side of horror.

  • [0+ years old]
    Children's Playground of the National Garden
    Green Game Oasis: The New Age of Playground in the National Garden

    The reconstructed playground of the National Garden in Athens was transformed into a modern, safe playground, offering a variety of activities and interactive games for children of all ages, in harmony with the natural environment and the history of the area.

  • [6-9 years old]
    My body is mine
    Promoting Gender Equality: Parents and Children Learning Together

    The Australian Embassy and Genderhood are organising experiential workshops for parents and children, focusing on gender equality and learning about consent, as part of the campaign against gender-based violence.

  • [0+ years old]
    Vintage Boeing 747
    Explore this classic plane up close

    The former Athens International Airport features a vintage Boeing 747, inviting little aviation enthusiasts to explore its grandeur and imagine its history while examining its technology up close.