Date & Time
From: 30/09/2023
To: 05/11/2023
Saturday & Sunday
  • Πέτρου Ράλλη & Λεωφόρος Κηφισού
  • Αγ. Ιωάννης Ρέντης 182 33
  • Ελλάδα
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  • Special needs

The most exciting time of the year is here and the biggest amusement park in Greece, Allou! Fun Park, is preparing to offer you an unforgettable experience with its "Freaky Weekends".

Hundreds of pumpkins, spiders, scarecrows and skeletons will get you in the mood, while the themed decorations will transport you to a world of fantasy and horror.

From Saturday 30 September to Sunday 5 November, get ready to experience a series of exciting events.

  • Opening Weekend (30/9 & 1/10). Zombies, monsters and the haunted circus come to life!

  • Zombie Fest (7 & 8/10).

  • Friday the 13th Show (Friday & 13): A Horror Live Radio Show with Music 89.2.

  • Cosplay Horror Weekend (14 & 15/10): A parade of scary cosplayers and gaming challenges.

  • Freaky Circus (21 & 22/10): The circus gets even scarier.

  • Haunted Pirates (28 & 29/10): Pirates spreading death traps.

  • Halloween Closing Event (4 & 5/11): The culmination of events, with all the Halloween creatures in one last celebration.

  • Allou! Fun Park recommends admission to children over 12 years old. Those who scare easily are advised to think again!

15€ per person.

"Boo Weekend" with the witch Kidofrula 

Awesome Halloween weekends with the witch Kidofrula at Kidom!

Allou! Fun Park's Kidom welcomes back this Halloween the awesome Kidofrula, the little witch who lives in the 3rd cloud right above the fairytale world of Kidom.

As every year, this year Kidofrula visits Kidom during the Halloween season to give unique moments of fun to her beloved friends, the children!

From Saturday 30 September to Sunday 5 November, Kidofrula will welcome her friends in her wonderful Kidofrullo house at Kidom and share her secrets with them!

She stirs her cauldron by saying her magic spell and together with the kids she prepares her favorite kido frog filter!

And the Halloween at Kidom continues with the wonderful helpers of Kidofrula who welcome all the children in a perfect Halloween atmosphere to prepare the most wonderful Halloween crafts and creations.

The fairytale world of Halloween and sweet Kidofrula will be waiting for young and old alike until November 5 at Kidom at Allou! Fun Park.

The fun in the fairytale Kidom is completed with lots of play in the PlayLand playground with brand new huge inflatables, the biggest and most beautiful Carousel in Athens, the Mini Big Apple roller coaster, the flying elephant Bongo, the Youpi Tower, the Bloom - Bloom boats, and many more games!

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