The Importance of Parent-Child Communication

Building Resilience in Children. 

6 Ways to Nurture Their Inner Strengths.

Exploring Athens with Family.  Unforgettable Adventures for Kids and Teens.

Building Resilience in Children.  6 Ways to Nurture Their Inner Strengths.

Essential Items for a Fun Day at the Beach with Kids

How can I help my Child with Financial Education?

Teaching Responsibility

8 Tips for Great Family Photographs with A Smartphone

Looking for some tips on how to be a parent and a life-long learner?

10 Reasons to learn a foreign language!


How to keep children dry and warm at school

Tips for getting outside with older children

Bedtime stories make our kids smarter. Here is why.

Why Children Need Nature

Top 3 Life Jackets for Kids

Tips for Choosing the Right Hiking Shoes


10 Reasons to Go Hiking with Your Kids!

The In-depth edition: Can we teach our kids to persevere through challenges?  


Tips by Angela Duckworth on grit


Redecorating your child's bedroom

Cooking with our kids is educational, fun and pure quality time


Camping will create memories that will last a lifetime

5 amazing DIY hand crafts to do with kids at home

How to dress kids up for winter outdoor activities


How to teach our kids to care for the environment

5 Fun Foreign Language Activities

Why its a mistake to postpone teaching languages to kids


Tips to help children eat more vegetables

Why books are so important for kids of all ages


"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein
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Wearing a helmet could save your life


Why all riders, including younger ones, should wear a helmet
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The Truth About Why Masks Limit Transmission of Covid-19


And why small children must be always monitored while wearing them. 
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Top 3 Educational Youtube Kids Channels


At Momizen, we have selected our top 3 Youtube channels that ease-up on the guilt factor when kids are looking at the screen.   
They are short, educational and inspiring!  Plus we list our recommendations for the perfect home-experiment apparatuses that can bring the science from the screen to the desk, and even the bathtub!
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How to Host the BEST Virtual Birthday Party!


This day, that day, the other day, someday, yesterday, today… I no longer know what day of the week it is. This may be the case for us parents, but I assure you that your child knows exactly what day their birthday is, despite all the chaos around.
So how can you make their day special during the lock down, when you cannot physically see family and friends to celebrate? While you could wait to reschedule a party when all of this is over, virtual parties are awesome and can even be more exciting than a conventional event. They are practically free, almost no clean-up after, zero exhaustion from hosting and you can still socialise within a virtual yet real time environment.
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Top Learning Activities at Home

And as you might be busy working from home for the next few weeks, you might be in desperate need of a strategy to balance fun and learning time with the young ones.
Combine these activities with some unplugged time for maximum effect and just make sure you have an old phone/mobile the children can borrow and a charger for when the fun needs recharging!
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