Date & Time
  • Σιβόρων
  • Αθήνα 111 42
  • Ελλάδα
Winter Hours:
Monday-Friday: 17:00-22:30
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-14:30 & 17:00-22:30
Summer Hours :
Monday-Friday: 10:30-14:30 & 18:00-23:00
Saturday-Sunday: 10:30-14:30 & 17:30-23:00
Additional info
  • Special needs

In the playground there are inflatable toys, board games, ice hockey tableware and more for the most fun walk of your children. It has an outdoor area for hot days but also an enclosed space with heating for the winter months.

Admission to the playground is 3.5  for unlimited play.

Organize unforgettable children's parties with the best prices. The offers that are valid are:

  • From Monday-Thursday party for 30 people at 130€ . It includes food and juice for children and for adults drink with cakes and crackers.
  • Choice A for children: 8€ per child. Includes entrance to the playground, juice and pizza.
  • Choice B for children: 7€ per child. Includes entrance to the playground, juice and food.
  • Choice A for adults: 8.50€  -9.50 €. Includes pizza of your choice.
  • Choice B for adults: 25€. Includes food and drink.
  • Option C for adults: 4€ per person. Includes drink, cake and crackers.
  • Choice D for adults: 3€ per person. Includes only drink.

Also you can add a clown with an extra charge of 35  for 2 hours.

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