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The Vintage Boeing 747 of A. Onassis

Located in the heart of Hellinikon on the main avenue of Vouliagmenis kids and their families can

  • Walk-around a vintage Boeing 747 
  • Great for aviation enthusiasts
  • Explore grandeur of the icon vessel
  • Close-up examination of plane's technology
  • Tribute to golden age aviation

Plan a trip and combine it with the playground at Hellinikon Experience Park where children can spend endless hours on the climbing ropes, slides and the zip line!  The park is open all day and includes an interactive waterfountain where children can splash around under the the sun.  

More information of the legendary Boeing 747 of Aristotelis Onassis

Greece's newest tourist attraction makes you travel back in time.

At the former Athens International Airport, once a hub of international air travel, the creation of Europe's largest coastal park is underway, At the heart of this transformation majestically stands a vintage Boeing aircraft from 1968.

The iconic aircraft once belonged to Greece's national carrier, Olympic Airways, founded by one of world's richest and most famous men, shipping tycoon Aristotelis Onassis and former husband of Jackie Kennedy. Following a tragic plane accident within his family, the airline came into the hands of the Greek state, which eventually ceased all operations in 2009.

For visitors, especially kids, the 47-meter-long vessel is a great opportunity to explore its grandeur.

Walking around the aircraft, little aviation enthusiasts can get a sense of the scale, craftsmanship, and complexity of aviation technology.

Kids can examine up close the powerful engines and large wings that once soared through the skies, imagining the countless journeys it made.

The towering height of the tail and the long wingspan make little plane fans feel tiny in comparison.

While the details of the engines become more apparent up close, it sparks curiosity and questions about how these parts work together to achieve flight.

Wandering around the plane, kids almost hear the roar of the engines and feel the excitement of take-off.

To preserve Olympic Airways' legacy and honor founder Aristotelis Onassis, Zela Aviation bought two abandoned planes for public display. Alongside the Boeing 747, the rare BAC1-11 is now on show in Lavrio. Zela Aviation owner, Cypriot philhellene Andreas Christodoulides, personally financed the project to save these aircraft from demolition without glory and preserve the history of Greek aviation.

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