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Thursday & Friday: 17:00 - 23:00
Saturday-Sunday & Holidays: 11:00 - 23:00
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  • Special needs

An incredible gaming experience awaits you at Sportspark. The activities that your children can enjoy are:

  • Lazer Tag: Costs 7.00€ /person for a 20 minute game. Experience the ultimate adventure! The most exciting Laser Tag track in Athens.A  space 600 sqm black light  with Galactic Wars theme and many audiovisual effects awaits you to have fun in an original way with your friends or family safely!
  • Bowling: Costs 4.50 € / person per game. Modern hallways with Auto-Scoring System are waiting for you to enjoy moments of relaxation and fun.
  • Roller Skating: Costs 7.00 € / person. At SportsPark you have at your disposal a closed Disco-Roller room for unlimited fun and dancing to the beat of the music.
  • Ping Pong: Costs  8.00€ / hour. Meet Ping Pong at SportsPark, this exciting, fun sport!
  • Billiards: Costs 8.00 €/ hour. Discover your skills in Billiards by having fun with your friends!
  • Playground: Costs 6.00€ / child. In the large indoor area you will find the impressive Jungle Game Building, Trampoline, Mundialito Stadium and new technology gaming machines.
  • Mundialito: Costs  4.00 €/ child for 30 minutes.
  • Trampoline: Costs  2.00 €/ child for 10 minutes.

Also at Sportspark they organize parties, corporate events and school trips!

  • Children's Party: Organize your children's party by choosing some or all of the activities. Food, decoration, service based on your choices and requirements at the best market prices guarantee the pleasure and fun for you and your guests. They organize Bowling Party, Roller Skate Party, Laser Tag Party, Playground Party. Information only for above party: Monday - Friday 11:00 to 18:00.
  • Corporate Events: EVENTS OVER THE  TWENTY (20) PERSONS:

Two hours of bowling plus fifteen minutes of free use of the aisles to learn the basic rules of the game and warm up.

Awarding cups to the three best players or teams of the night.

Commemorative bowling medals for everyone

Unlimited consumption of coffee, soft drinks, beer or wine throughout the event.

A delicious fresh and hot buffet menu that includes: Hot delicious pizzas, whatever flavors you want, Club Sandwiches and hot dogs on platters.

Fresh french fries or pasta of your choice (peppercorns, carbonara or bolognese),Salads of your choice (Chef, Sizars, Roca-Parmesan or Greek salad).


Concession of the Cafeteria for one hour free of charge before the start of the activities for your meeting, worth 250 .

Concession of two billiards and a ping pong throughout your event worth 75 

An hour of Roller Skating for free for the adventurous and the daring worth 140€

During bowling, free games will be distributed to those who achieve a strike on the red corina.

Total duration of the event is three to four hours.


** Events are held every Thursday and Friday afternoon, or other days or hours depending on the size of the event by appointment.

  • School trips:

Package A: Costs 8 € / child. Unlimited use of the Playground, the mini Football and Trampoline! (recommended for children from infancy to Tuesday elementary school).

Package B: Costs 8 € / child. Unlimited use of Bowling, Roller Skate, Billiards and Ping Pong! (Recommended for children from Wednesday Primary School to Tuesday High School)


Free use of facilities by attendants.

Free coffee and snacks.

Free distribution of entrance cards to sports park activities for all children and attendants.

Free use of the aforementioned spaces for other pedagogical activities. (eg archery in the square, or learning traditional group games, or traditional dance lessons, etc.)

Days and hours of school trips or camp Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00.

Duration of school trips from two to four hours, depending on the school schedule.

The offer is valid for groups of more than 50 children.

Ability to serve 500 children at a time.

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