Date & Time
Thursday to Sunday. Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in August.
  • Ave. Poseidonos 14 & Tritonos 1
  • 175 61 Paleo Faliro
10:00 - 18:00
Additional info
  • Special needs

The "Toy Museum" is part of the Benaki Museum. It exhibits toys, books, books, brochures, clothes and childhood objects from all over the world. 

Throughout the year, the Benaki Museum organises creative activities for children and their families in its permanent collections and selected temporary exhibitions.

Summer Programmes

For the summer - from 27/6 to 8/7 - the Benaki Museum offers a variety of activities for the city's children, aged 6 to 9 years old, in the National Garden. 

The weekly programme consists of

  • activity
  • play
  • exploration
  • creation
  • communication
  • walks in the halls of the Museum and on the paths of the neighbouring National Garden and vice versa.

These activities take children on a journey through Greek culture, from antiquity to the present day, with a creative combination of Art and the natural environment.

The experiences gained by the participants promote their artistic and personal expression. 

From 26 June to September 2022, the Museum is running 3 educational programmes entitled:

  • Seeing with the senses for visually impaired children and adults.
  • Drawing and Painting Workshop for children and adults with visual impairments and adults with sight and eyes.
  • Time for Museum people with memory difficulties.

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