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  • Χαλάνδρι 152 32
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Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-14:00 & 17:00-21:00
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00-14:00
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  • Special needs

The Fairytale Village is housed in ​​Chalandri in a neat and welcoming space, made with a lot of fairytale dust and. The special activities you can choose are:

  • Baby Yoga: Age: 2-12 monthsUP TO 6 BABIES IN THE CLASS.. The groups start with their mothers/dads and babies when they are 2-12 months old. The group meetings take place once a week and last 90 minutes. All the necessary materials are provided by them (hypoallergenic mattresses, etc.).
  • Group of Young Authors: Suitable for children of 2nd to 6th grade of primary school. The class is based on methods of creative writing and theatrical play and concerns children who know how to write.
  • School programs.
  • Baby in action: Children are transformed into fairy-tale characters, playing, dancing, painting and singing.
  • Fun and Art in English: This section is aimed at children who want to get in touch with the English language as well as English-speaking children who want to work creatively without worrying about communication.
  • Theatricals and Notes: A section that combines music with theater.
  • Adult Creative Team: Through methods of theatrical play, music, improvisation, visual arts, creative writing, reading, you will relax and eliminate everything toxic and negative that weighs on you.
  • Lilliputian Heroes: This section is held once a week and is conducted with the help of sessions.
  • Preparatory breakfast before the Child: It is addressed to children 2-4 years old. This class aims to gradually prepare the child to leave the mammy and integrate into a group through short meetings.
  • Organizing children's parties: They undertake the organization for your child's party at their place and at your place. The children have fun playing with fairy tales !!! You choose from a number of themed fairytale parties and workshops, depending on the age and preferences of each child. Some of the themed parties are Coctail party, Juniors fun, Baby Party, Summer Party, The ladybug party and more. Visit her their website for more information.
  • Baptism Program: A special program for your baptism with musical-motor games, magic, themed games, dance and song, wood-legged, musicians and clowns, all in a fairytale style and specially designed for you.
  • Organizing Events for children of employees in companies: If you want to do something special  for the children of your company's employees, the fairytale village offers you Puppet Theater, Shadow Theater, We know Manos Hatzidakis through storytelling and music, Juggling, Storytelling, Fairytale play, Storytelling Visual Arts, Theater, Musical-kinetic games, Traditional games and more.
  • Room rental for events:The space is available for rent on specific days and hours for your event.
  •  Gifts for parties and christenings: They provide you with handmade soaps in beautiful packaging and ointment in a small jar with a nice ribbon which you can offer to your guests.
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