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A sailing club for everyone

The Piraeus Sailing Club is a place where the whole family, from toddlers to adults, can learn to sail and spend quality time together.

At the Piraeus Sailing Club, in addition to sailing lessons, everyone can enjoy a nice breakfast, a coffee or a meal in the club's renovated clubhouse.

Then they can do their training or go for a walk in the sea because with the new Sailing Spot for the weekends the whole family can spend quality time together. The new educational model is aimed at everyone, regardless of age, body type and whether or not they have experience. The new student will be assigned to one of the training schemes and will use the appropriate equipment to make their training an enjoyable and efficient experience!

The four age groups for sailing students

Baby- Loved the sea, starting at 4 years old

Provided only that the child knows how to swim and is not afraid of falling into the sea, the sailing spot is the only academy that accepts children from such a young age.

The main goal of the baby section is to enable the child to love the sea and sailing while building the future sailor. With priority given to play and fun, the child will spend as much time in the sea as possible to make his stay in the group as pleasant as possible.

Like the corresponding section of the baby track in skiing or the pre-toddler, the baby section, through an innovative educational program, will help the child to take his first steps, overcome all his fears and lay a solid foundation!

Kids- Future champions, starting at 7 years old

Kids is the section where the child learns to sail properly, using the appropriate equipment. For example, an 8-year-old who is very large may struggle in the Optimist. Some groups may not even accept it for training. At the IOP, this child will learn sailing with other, suitable boats and will be able to enjoy sailing and have a future in this sport.

The progress notebook that will be kept for each student is a valuable tool with which the instructor, the parent and the student himself will be able to monitor progress and focus their efforts on skills that still need development. Thus the training process is accelerated and done in a more systematic way!

Youth - Highlighting new talents, starting at 12 years old

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not too late for a teenager to start sailing and have a long sporting career. And even successful! 26% of the skippers who won a medal at our own 2004 Olympics didn't start out in Optimist and in fact quite a few started sailing as teenagers.

Key to keeping the teenager in the area and loving the sport is to have a section specifically for him. If he loves the sport he will be involved in championships and with the right guidance he will excel!

The youth section is designed specifically for the teenager: it provides him with a high-level education respecting the limited time he has. It provides the necessary challenges to keep him from getting bored without setting the bar so high as to discourage him. The recipe is such that it tries to keep the teenager in the area and make him earn as many supplies as possible in the shortest possible time!

Adult- Challenge yourself, starting at 17 years old

The modern adult has very limited free time. And he wants to make the most of it so that he can have the best possible time. The sailing spot answers this: you will not only do sailing! You will expect many different actions that sometimes include the liquid element and sometimes not! On Saturday we might go out to do a sailing race and on Sunday we'll be up at dawn on the mountain to top up our ski score!

The main concern of the people of the group is that the adult athlete always feels that he gets added value from what he does. With the help of partnerships and a daily struggle of the people of the group, it is certain that before the sea, after the sea and of course during the training you will feel that you are provided with much more than just a lesson. We remain faithful to the golden sailing experience that was the group's promise when adult was created!

Each new member of the adult group will be assigned a tutor and a supervisor. The tutor can be a member of the group or the board of the group. He will be a person who will be able to guide you both in your first steps in the group and afterwards. With him you will feel comfortable in the space and you will be able to discuss what is troubling you. With him you will drink your first beer served by the Sailing Spot and set your personal goals. With him you will judge whether you achieve them and what your next steps should be!

Your supervisor will be an older member of our company. He will nag you if you miss lessons and will help you a lot with the sailing part. He can come with you on the boat and you will be able to ask him things that are troubling you so that he can tell you how he solved them and how he has "fixed" them. How do you know; You might be a good match and in no time you'll be going sailing together!

New or advanced, ride or racing, the adult is the place where the beginner will quickly learn sailing with innovative training methods, while the advanced will always be busy with events and constantly new challenges! With a rich program of competitions, the sailing spotter has constant opportunities to test his strength and make the effort he makes to become a better sailor.

SUP-Fitness, sea and fun

In recent years, stand-up paddleboarding, or better known as SUP, has made its appearance in the field of sports.

Both at a competitive level and in its most fun form, SUP came to win many fans as it is a form of exercise that works out the whole body.

During training, many muscle groups need to work together, starting of course with the core of the body.

Torso, upper and lower limb muscles must be activated to stand up.

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