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  • Αθήνα 175 61
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Secretary desk: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00
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The Nautical Club of Palaio Faliro was founded in 1938 and since then it has not stopped its dynamic course and strong presence in all major sports events.

The action of the NOPF extends to many different areas such as the Sailing Schools, the Sports Department, the Summer Camps for the employment of the little friends during the summer months with the aim of getting them familiar with the sea element and being introduced to seamanship as well as the organization of sports sailing boats races.


For the period 2022-2023, the Academy classes start on Saturday, September 17.

Registration for the Academies for the year 2022-2023 has been completed.

The Palaio Faliro Nautical Club is a recognized, non-profit sports club that believes that the power of the sea can bring a positive change to the lives of young sailors.

The management of the group consists of sailors, who with love and passion have taken care of the sailing departments to man the human resources of the group with professional graduate coaches, renowned in the field, with knowledge and experience.

Optimist Group

The "Optimist Beginners" section aims to teach children with little or no previous experience the basic skills needed to be able to sail in a safe and fun environment at some point later on.

Children, young athletes, will have the opportunity to develop relationships with other peers and feel part of a team.

Our coaches with modern methods that combine play with education will keep the children's interest alive and help them love the water.

During the first course, the young sailors will be taught

  • sailing
  • trimming the sail
  • arrival and departure of the boat from the port
  • the most important knots and finally
  • navigation in the sea in different wind conditions.

At the end of each course, the coaches will recommend the next step for each athlete based on their progress, placing them in the corresponding pre-competition section of the group.

Lessons last 2 hours per day and all necessary equipment is provided, including fully rigged boats.

Good knowledge of swimming is a prerequisite for registration.

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