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  • Ιφιγένειας 39
  • Νέα Ιωνία 141 22
  • Ελλάδα
Monday-Friday: 17:30-21:30
Saturday: 10:30-22:00
Sunday: 10:30-21:30
Additional info
  • Special needs

Admission for one child for 1 time is 6.00. For 2 children,brothers, are  11.00€ instead of 12.00€. They offer juice, balloon & membership card.

Admission for a child for 2 times is 10.00  (1 entry from Monday to Thursday and 1 entry from Monday to Sunday without time limit), for 2 children siblings is set at 18.00  instead of 20.00 . For the first of the two entrances, in addition to the offers, membership card, juice, balloon, we give each child a mini sandwich with ham and cheese.

Admission for a child for 3 times is 12,00 €. (2 entrances from Monday to Thursday & 1 entrance from Monday to Sunday without time limit).They offer membership card, juice, balloon. In 2 children siblings is set at  19.50 instead 24.00.

Large families,pay only for the two children.

If you get the membership card you will have the following offers: 6 Entries only 19.50  and entry expiration six months later, 6 Entries + companion coffee only 29.50  and expiration six months later.

The children's party here is special. The fairy tale has two rooms for organizing your parties. The lower room has limits on charge and capacity: minimum 10 children and max up to 15 children and attendants minimum 10 and up to 22 maximum. Detailed days and Party hours, lasting 2.5 hours are: Monday to Thursday 18: 30-21:00, Friday: 19: 00-21:30, Saturday: 12:00-14:30 & 18:30-21:00 and Sunday: 12:00-14:30 & 18:30-21:00.The upper room has charge & capacity limits: min 20 children and max up to 40 children and attendants min 20 and up to 45-50 max. In detail, the days and hours of the parties lasting 2.5 hours are: Monday to Friday 18:30-21:00, Saturday: morning 11:00-13:30 noon 14:00-16:30 afternoon 17:00-19 :30 and evening 20:00-22:30. Sunday: 11:00-13:30 ,15:00-17:30 & 18:00-18:30. Exclusive parties (all venues) are held only Saturday and Sunday noon, with an increase.

Party in the lower room for 10 children and 15 attendants costs from Monday-Friday 179  while on weekends 219 . Party in the upper room for 20 children and attendants costs from Monday-Friday 379  while on weekends  419 .

Children's parties offer:

  • The space is available for 2.5 hours (it can be done in 3 hours)
  • Children's entrance to play in the playground
  • Educator with supervision and employment with activities
  • Invitations
  • Unlimited orange juice
  • 6 free entries for the celebrant worth 24.00€
  • Food for children 
  • Glasses, teaspoons, baby wipes and napkins
  • Each child will receive 3 gifts (paper crown, balloon and a visit worth  6.00€)

For attendants offer, a free drink and a cake platter are offered.

Each additional child is charged 12   and  4.50   each additional attendant.

In the playground, children's shows for all ages are organized. The shows are small theatrical performances lasting 10'-20 'and take place at parties and events. Up to 3 shows can be held at each event. The design you plan with you and their choice depends on the time of the change of scenery. The package of parties - events have additional costs from the basic prices. Prices vary depending on when you close your party or event. You can win discounts on shows up to -50% if you "book" 30-60 days in advance.

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