Ski and Snowboard Safety Gear for Kids


Most children love the outdoors in the winter, and Switzerland is ideal for winter sports and fun activities.  Winter outdoor activities important in the deepening of children's mental and and physical development, find out why here.  

Sledging, ice-skating, ice-hockey, skiing and snowboarding to name the most popular ones.  Winter sports are fun and safe when children and adults are wearing the right safety gear.

Tips on how to dress-up kids for the winter outdoor activities.  

Safety gear can be pivotal in making the sport experience fun and safe, and must be upgraded regularly depending on the frequency of usage and rate of growth. 

Places to learn to ski with experienced teachers around Zurich include Hoch Ybrig Ski School and Brunni Ski lift.   



Now let's talk about the gear everyone should have:


A hard shell helmet is an essential part of the ski safety gear because it protects the head from injuries. Find one that will fit your child’s head perfectly and make sure you have secured all the straps in the right way.

Wrist guards

The instinctive reaction to a fall is to stretch out your hands to break the fall, so our wrist often takes the brunt of the force. Wrist injuries are very common among skiers and snowboarders and a wrist guard will offer some protection keeping your wrist rigid in the case of a fall, and taking some of the impact.

Back shield

Falling on your back while skiing can be really painful and sometimes dangerous. Back shields or back protectors nowadays are designed with multi density foam that is softer on the inside and stiffer on the outside to help absorb some energy from a crash. They usually come with adjustable straps to fit a child while growing up. 

Protective shorts

These are very popular especially for children who learn how to snowboard. They can  prevent bumps and bruises on your child’s hips, thighs and bum area making the falling more fun and less painful.


When skiing you should also protect your hands from cold weather and sharp edges often found on skis and snowboards. Make sure your child’s gloves are waterproof, breathable, warm enough and that they fit properly so that your child can hold the skis properly and their wrist isn’t exposing.


Goggles are also a must have accessory for skiing. Find goggles that are compatible with your kid’s helmet, and prefer a pair with a silicone coating which will ensure they remain in place. The lens should have UVA and UVB protection and an anti-fog coating plus peripheral vision technology is also great because it allows your child to see more.


Children’s skin is sensitive to the winter sun and although it is cold outside your children could easily get sunburned. This is why you should always apply sunscreen before going outside to ski and have it with you all day to reapply when needed.

When going on any kind of fun athletic activity with your children, safety should be the number one thing on your list. Don’t forget about safety rules and select ski gear to suit your child.


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