While taking all the necessary precautions and following BAG Guidelines, we all want to get outside and enjoy a nice meal with a family at a restaurant.  

While transitioning to the new reality with Covid-19, which has made going out a little more complicated, there are places to go as a family to celebrate birthdays, special occasions or simply a Sunday lunch.  

Most of all, families and children deserve to enjoy themselves and have a nice time out. We should, however be extra careful these following weeks as the coronavirus threat isn’t really behind us, experts suggest. When preparing to go out we should choose open places and always remember to have a sanitizer for our hands and a mask, in case we visit a crowded place.

When it comes to restaurants if you wish to get out and have a nice time with your young ones we have prepared a list with the top 5 family friendly restaurants around Zurich to choose from:



The Hiltl restaurant  is is the first vegetarian restaurant in the world and a great destination for families. It offers a children’s menu with fresh homemade dishes and amazing children activities like drawing or making crafts.  You can also host a birthday party with a cooking course when available. 

Fork & Bottle Restaurant 

Fork & Bottle is a nice family friendly restaurant that has Zurich's only farm-to-table cuisine. The products used are fresh and come straight from the garden or the local farm making the homemade dishes even more tasteful. Here you will also find craft beers and exquisite wines and there’s even brunch on the weekends. What a better way to go out with the family!

Erlenmoos Restaurant

The restaurant Erlenmoos, in park Wollerau, is also an open space place to visit these following weeks with your family. Here you can sit back and order wholesome and tasteful meals while watching your children play around in the open space.  The playground includes climbing, a tree house, a skatepark, a bike track, basketball and beach volleyball courts, an outdoor gym and golf-course!

Santa Lucia Wiedikon

If you crave some Italian food then The Santa Lucia Wiedikon is the place to go. It is an amazing pizza and pasta family restaurant in the shopping center with an open space terrace garden. It has a specially designed play corner for children who can become the chefs and make their own pizza if they like.

The Waid

The Waid, located in Zurich’s forest is another family restaurant in an open space. It comes with its own playground and play corner with painting activities, jigsaw puzzles and books. It is famous for the panoramic view of Zurich and the one of a kind gourmet seasonal cuisine and wok dishes.

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