Sports summer camps in Zurich

Summer is almost here and all parents are wondering which activities they should enroll their young ones in!

We scouted the region along with the most requested sports camps on Momizen and created a list for the sporty kids and those who want to explore sports during their holidays.  The summer camps will not only free-up the hands of parents after the closing of schools in the Zurich region, but, above all, will help children have an unforgettable summer full of educational experiences, new friends and endless play!

Through games and physical exercises, a child develops strength, speed, flexibility and endurance while achieving motor development and proper neuromuscular coordination.  Children who play sports develop self-confidence and improved social skills. Sports and athletic activities reinforce principles such as discipline, cooperation, noble rivalry, acceptance of defeat, all while sharpening the spirit.  Children also learn to communicate effectively with others and at the same time they have fun. Sports also improve a child’s self-esteem.  

Our list is categorized by sport and will be updated regulary with more activities that are offered as summer time approaches.   For STEM camps or creative activities we will be updating our blog with a separate list. 



In the region of Zurich those who enjoy one-on-one sports, tennis is a great choice. Tennis is a sport that teaches children self-control and concentration. Among other things, tennis can teach a child responsibility, social skills and healthy competition. It also boosts a child's self-control, concentration, self-esteem and self-confidence while helping them have patience on and off the field. Also, tennis is a sport that enhances the mood for noble rivalry and at the same time discipline, elements that result in the improvement of their learning ability.


Padel Arena

If tennis is too mainstream for you or your child you should definitely try out padel. Padel is a fun mix of tennis and squash and it is played with a small racket and a soft tennis ball inside a closed glass room! Children from 4 years old and their families can play together during all days of the week. Padel Arena offers a camp and a junior academy for young learners aged 10 to 18. After training everyone can relax and have a snack at the comfy bistro.


Tennis Club Ried Wollerau

At Ried Wollerau Tennis Club children and teenagers can have tennis courses or join the camps where they can train in tennis according to their age and playing level. With smaller courts, slower balls and adapted clubs Ried Wollerau tennis club ensures that your child will play and have a fun time.


Tennis Center Horgen

Another great tennis centre is The Horgen Tennis Centre. Here children from 3,5 years old can train on tennis, have individual lessons, join the holiday camps or throw a children's birthday party.



Football on the other hand is a team sport with many health and social benefits. Playing football can help a child acquire a strong and flexible muscular system as well as strong bones, due to the strength and flexibility exercises included in the training. Shots and dribbles of the ball develop agility and coordination. Running and sprinting guarantees very good physical condition. Playing on a soccer team develops the child's ability to work and interact with other children as part of a team. To win a football game, the whole team must communicate and work together. Football further develops a child's social skills.


Dal Santo football school in Richterswil

Dal Santo Football School is a young children's football academy for 3 to 6 year olds. Here children can train in G-categories once a week in a playful way. Participation in the trial training is free. Trial courses for regular training during 2021 start on August 23, 2021.


Intersoccer in many locations around Zurich

At Intersoccer boys and girls will learn new skills, play mini-matches and have lots of fun making new friends! Intersoccer offers a great number of Grass Football Courses and Camps in Zurich and around Switzerland. Courses are suitable for all children from a young age, including preschoolers.


Wakeboarding Academy

At the Wakeboarding Academy located at the Frischer's Fritz camp in Zurich, children can learn wakeboarding, wakesurfing and water skiing through a week-long day camp.  Along with the water sports, young campers will enjoy their lunch at the Frischer's Fritz restaurant and relax by the water.


Sailing camp at Children's Sailing School in Kilchberg

Learning to sail is a great hobby to start at a young age.  Learning about the wind, the weather, the water and of course the boats that can travel with the force of nature can have a positive impact among young children. At Kilchberg Children's Sailing School children can learn how to sail in a fun and easy way on an optimist, in Lake Zurich.


Yacht Club Horgen

The Yacht Club Horgen offers the opportunity to young people from 8 years to learn how to sail and train in sailing.  The Yacht Club Horgen which was founded in 1968 aims to promote sailing and touring sailing, the training and care of the young and the preservation of Lake Zurich.


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