How to keep children dry and warm at school

Climate change and the sudden fluctuations in temperature have many parents confused about what their children should wear when they leave the house in the morning.

They do not know what to wear to children to keep them warm from the cold and dry from the rain.


Cold and rainy weather should not be a problem

Instead of wearing 2 children's T-shirts, a blouse, a cardigan just in case and a jacket, prefer isothermal underwear. Many layers of clothes make a child’s movements hard and difficult. So instead of "loading" our children with a lot of “wrong” clothes, choose the few and right ones. An isothermal T-shirt and softshell pants will keep your child warm and offer her comfort in the playground.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes once said, "There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes!"


Softshell pants

Avoid wearing jeans. When it is cold and raining, it is best to avoid jeans. If wet, they can cause hypothermia in a child. Prefer soft-shell pants instead. They are water resistant, breathable and lightweight pants that are resistant to abrasions & tears. They are perfect for playgrounds and activities because they hold up extremely well to mountain abuse. Light rain and snow can be shedded off so they get dry quickly when they get wet. Children can also wear them over their overalls when the weather gets even colder. This way, they will stay dry even during the school break.

Soft-shell pants by Tiny Minymo for CHF 52.90, available in other colours


Thin fleece

Fleece blouses are not too thick, nor too thin keeping a child warm. They come in a lot of colors, with buttons or zippers, they are easy to clean and dry really fast.

Fleece Sweater by Lego for CHF 55.90, available in other colors 



When it comes to choosing a jacket, you need to choose the right one not just in terms of style but comfort and suitability. Prefer warm and waterproof jackets that are suitable not only for the cold but also for the rain, preventing water from passing through their clothes.

Winter Jacket by Aina Mukka for CHF 174.90, available also in blue/navy


Hat and gloves and shoes

A hat definitely keeps a kid warm. For this, a hat should cover your child's ears. As for gloves just make sure they have a warm lining on the inside and waterproof surface on the outside. When it comes to shoes all parents must pay extra attention because children's fingers get cold quickly. That's why you should buy warm socks. However, in order for the socks to remain dry, especially on a rainy day, the child's shoes should be waterproof. Prefer leather shoes without fabric details. If it is a gym free day, wellies are a better choice. Always remember to have a soft and warm lining so that your children's feet do not freeze.

Woollen Hat by Jakk in Pink and Blue for CHF 35.90

Water proof gloves with warm lining by Finkid for CHF 49.90, available in more colors

All-round fleece scarf by Eine Farbe for CHF 12.90, available in more colors


Do not overdo it!

Remember that you should dress your children well and not too much. Do not overdo it with warm clothes, socks and gloves. This can lead to sweating in children, making them colder afterwards. It is better to put gloves, a hat, waterproof pants and a pair of dry socks in their school bag, so that they can wear whatever they want depending on how they feel and the temperature outside.  


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