Christmas time is near and it is time to shelf away some of our grown-up concerns that keep us awake at night to make room for the magic, like wondrous children do.  

The joy of first snow, the twinkling lights, the anticipation for the next advent calendar surprise, and finally the presents, is the magic that breathes life into this beautiful time of year. 

Our receptiveness to the beauty around us will reflect how our children will experience the love, the family time and the sharing that Christmas is all about, despite living through Covid-19.

Each year on Christmas morning, before everyone has gathered around the tree for the annual paper ripping feast, I admit I am guilty of scouting the packages under the tree like a child, and I sit and imagine what could be inside the colorful and usually immaculately folded wrapping paper, of the ones that I didn’t pack myself.  I love to look at the them and hope that as everyone will unwrap their own packages, their dreams will be fulfilled.  Mine are fulfilled just then, while I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to share this experience with my children. 

Along with all the gifts that will be exchanged, assembled and hopefully put to good use in children’s hands, are the experiences that we can create, share and remember years later.  Experiences, have the power to make shifts in mindsets, facilitate growth from one life stage to the next, and create memories that will last forever.  Thus, include not only things that your family will love under the Christmas tree, but also experiences that your loved ones can anticipate to enjoy later in 2021. 

Momizen has created a list that we will be updated regularly right up until the last week before Christmas, with gift idea inspirations about experiences children and families will love and enjoy together.  They range from day-passes to the Transport Museum, to adrenaline sports, birthday parties with a twist, family photo shoots, learning a new language, and even violin lessons!


  1. For the adrenaline seekers gift an indoor skydiving experience at Windwerk in Winterthur

Price starts at

  • CHF 59 for 1 child and 2 flights on a Wednesday afternoon
  • CHF 89 for 1 person and 2 flights, or
  • CHF 148 for 2 people and 4 flights
  • Group classes, birthday parties and Flight school programs are also available

Get a 20% discount with MOMIZEN20 at checkout on all products for individuals and pairs (excluding the Wednesday special for kids).  The promotional code is valid till 31.12.2020!

Buy a skydiving experience gift here


  1. A day at the Museum of Transport in Luzern

Price starts at

  • CHF 32 for 1 adult &
  • CHF 12 for 1 child 16 year and below
  • Children under 6 years old go free

All voucher orders can be combined with either freshly made, personalized chocolate or Verkehrshaus-Merchandise to create happiness in the moment of receiving it as well as later when experiencing

Purchase a day-pass gift here


  1. A pass for 10-entries of 60 minutes at Flip Lab Trampolines
  • CHF 26 for a one-time 60 minute entry and
  • CHF 220 for a 10 time entry pass 

Buy a trampoline experience voucher here


  1. A course for a new language at Wordculture Zurich

Price starts at with a CHF 200 a voucher to learn or deepen a foreign language at Wordculture Zurich, for kids or adults. 

Free childcare included during the adult classes, for the Momizen audience. 

Book here and simply refer to this article at booking


  1. A Family Photo Shoot! by Ivana Matic

Starting at CHF 145 for the Momizen audience instead of CHF 170 for a Mini Session photo shoot. 

The package includes:

  • 15 edited & all unedited photos
  • Indoor or outdoor shooting
  • Duration is 45min
  • Distance up to 45km from Rapperswil-Jona included in price, every additional


CHF 232 for the Momizen audience instead of CHF 290 for a Home Story photo shoot 

The package includes

  • 20 edited & all unedited photos
  • Indoor shooting
  • Duration is 60 minutes
  • Distance up to 45km from Rapperswil-Jona included in price, every additional

Make a gift voucher here and simply refer to this article at booking for the discounts


  1. A series of 3 violin lessons by Melina Murray in Zurich Hardbrücke

Starting at CHF 140 instead of CHF 156 for the Momizen audience, for 3 half-hour lessons

Book lessons here referring to this article for the discount.


  1. A Pyjama party with all details attended by Teepee Friends

Price starting at CHF 595 for party of 5 and all accessories including teepees, mattresses, cushions, fairy lights and a touch of magic

Included is

  • delivery which is climate neutral thanks to myclimate
  • set-up
  • personal styling in your home or chosen locatio,
  • pick-up around the Zurich region, Winterthur, Zug and Luzern
  • cleaning of the materials so that the family can enjoy the time with guests


Book a teepee party gift here and refer to this article for complementary DIY facemasks with natural ingredients for the kids or a snack bar with three jars


  1. A birthday celebration with an artistic element for all the guests at Our Happy Place in Thalwil

Price starts at CHF 315 for the Momizen audience instead CHF 350 for a stress-free Confetti event where all the details are carefully taken care of, from the invitation and snacks, to the entertainment and baking activity, including tea and coffee for the parents. 

Purchase your event gift here

Use discount code Momizen10 and receive 10% off one child's birthday party for a party date in 2021. To use this code, contact us at with your request! The Code is valid for bookings made before 31 January 2021. One booking per family.


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