10 Reasons to Go Hiking with Your Kids!

A lot of parents enjoy hiking but are afraid to take their children along. Here we have 10 reasons why you shouldn’t hold back anymore and go on a family hiking trip! 


  1. Everyone has a place on the mountain! 

You do not need to be fit, young and beautiful, have the latest technology or have grown up on the track to go hiking. There are routes for everyone, young and old and for every physical condition. Even on the same mountain you can find from the easiest to the most difficult route!

  1. In Switzerland you can hike everywhere! 

Whether you live in a mountainous area or not, there will definitely be carved paths near you. You can hike in the groves, hills or the nearest mountain of your city or even discover the paths of your village. This means that wherever you are, wherever you go on holiday you can enjoy the place by hiking!

  1. It does not cost much! 

Doing an activity with your children often costs money. Hiking is not one of them. What you need to start an easy journey is a backpack with your water and snacks, non-slip shoes and a small pharmacy pack. Of course, you will bring along your mobile phone for tracking the route and your good mood. If you like it and enjoy the journey, there are many accessories to acquire along the way, such as sticks, maps, compasses and most importantly hiking shoes!

  1. You bond as a family! 

While we often do things with our children, the pace of life is sometimes so demanding that we are not always in the present moment, because we are always thinking what to cook for dinner, if the laundry is dry or what tomorrow’s schedule will be like.  When hiking with your child, you share the experience with absolute concentration. The opportunities to talk about what is around you, and observing without any distraction from mobile phones and screen time is characteristic of most nature activities.  Alertness is a matter of safety.

  1. Create unique experiences! 

Children have a great imagination so they are able to experience everything new as a separate adventure. Live their fairy tale with them get into the role of explorers, treasure hunters, adventurous travelers!

  1. Teach children to work as a team! 

Everyone has an equal role in the team and if this is not the case, no one is having a good time. Divide your roles before you start, one will hold the path and lead the way, another will be at the end and will take care to pick up things that may be left behind, another will take the photos and so on. This way the children will learn how to work in a team (even a small one) and how everything is better when everyone knows their job!

  1. Teach children to love the environment! 

A child hiking in the mountains will love its flora and fauna. He will learn how destructive a fire can be in practice by seeing the burned parts of the forest. He will see the power of nature resurrected after disasters, but also how we can help it. He will learn that when we create garbage we have to collect it. He will love the environment through experience and therefore will learn to respect it.

  1. Exercise together in nature! 

We have all read about how much time we all spend indoors, about children exercising only in the gym, and about the effects this has on both our emotional and mental health. A 1 hour walk to the nearest mountain with our little ones, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you will feel like you were on a mini holiday!

  1. Do something out of the ordinary! 

Playgrounds, city walks, parties, playgrounds, malls, all places where we see many parents having fun with their children. Make a difference, go for a walk in the mountains and have fun in nature. Your children will enjoy it for sure!

  1. Teach children the importance of boundaries and patience! 

During hiking we learn to "listen" to our body, to respect our limits, but also to be patient. Patience when the road becomes uphill but will reward us with a wonderful view, patience when we are a little tired but at the end of the journey a "treasure" awaits us, a fountain to quench our thirst, a picnic to fill us up. The more often you walk, the more both the limits and the patience of the team will grow!


Are you ready for your next hiking trip?
Here the Top 5 Suggestions near Zurich most preferred by Momizen parents

Spring and Summer

Wilderness Park Zurich

The Langenberg Wilderness Park just outside Zurich is a unique place to explore the wild life and have a family adventure on your own or on a guided tour. 

Trift Bridge Hike

The Trift Bridge with a span of 170m, is one of the longest suspension bridges in the Alps, the perfect spot for an adventurous family trip.


What better destination for a family hiking trip than the Riesenwald adventure trail located in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Sardona. 


Stoos Muotatal

Stoos Muotatal Region is one of the greatest get-away areas of Zurich and has a lot of activities ideal for families to offer like hiking with huskies, night tobogganing and skiing.

Mythen Region

The Mythen Region is a snow sports facility near Zurich which offers a great number of activities for families including hiking and many more. 


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