And as you might be busy working from home for the next few weeks, you might be in desperate need of a strategy to balance fun and learning time with the young ones.

Combine these activities with some unplugged time for maximum effect and just make sure you have an old phone/mobile the children can borrow and a charger for when the fun needs recharging!

  1. Go Star Gazing during the day

An activity usually reserved for warm Summer nights is now available at your convenience and mostly for free. One of our favourite apps is Star Walk 2, that is beautifully designed, easy to use and allows children to explore the night sky at their pace, with a free roam and an augmented reality mode. The makes of this app also have a special children's app with appealing graphics and age-appropriate design. 

Star Walk 2: available for free for Android and iOS

Astronomy for kids: Space Game by Star Walk 2: available for free for Android and iOS

  1. Join the TechLabs Virtual Classroom

Are you looking to recreate the classroom experience at home? TechLabs has you covered! Next week parents and children can tune-in to our free e-learning seminars featuring the latest in STEM learning, with paid options to continue. We can deliver affordable micro-electronics to your home for the duration of the online course. At the end of the course you can either return the items or purchase them! 

We teach the leading private schools across Switzerland with courses in French, German and English. Our staff are seasoned professionals (not students or gig workers) delivering courses in robotics, coding and engineering all year round. 

As part of the TechLabs Virtual Classroom, families may choose from: 

3D Design & Printing

Minecraft Education

coding with mBlock and HaloCode

Robotics with Micro:Bit. 

To be the first in line, sign-up for our email notifications and follow our Facebook page to join our Live Sessions. Come meet our teachers and see the amazing tools you’ll be using in the next few lessons. 

  1. Visit Museums from home

As one of the most popular things to with the family, we couldn't help telling you that although museums might be closed in Switzerland, there are a few that allow you to make a virtual visit. The closest one we could find is "Le Nest" in Vevey, the Nesté museum. No tickets, no lines, and you can take as much time as you need to explore the collection. Other museums with incredible virtual tours include National Museum of Natural History, Renwick Gallery - Smithsonian American Art Museum, Hintze Hall (NHM London), the Louvre, The British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Natural Sciences.

To explore more museums with virtual tours, please click here.

  1.     Quiz Time

Why not turn learning into a game show? It will take general knowledge out the traditional schoolroom format and include every family member in some fun family time. Why not make this a Kid vs Parents competition? Try General Knowledge Quiz for iOS and QuizUp (iOS and Android). This last one lets you create your own sets of questions, so you can select what subjects you want your children to review!


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