Ever thought of having an all inclusive Science Discovery Kit that your children to do at home? Just order it from Spark Science today!


Electric Emma is a science teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching science to children and young adults from pre-school to college around the world.  In addition to her Spark Science workshops, camps and science birthday parties all based on STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics) she has now prepared a Science Kit with 7 science experiments along with written and video instructions to perform while weathering the Corona Virus at home. 

Electric Emma explains how to perform each experiment and the science theory behind it!

Make bath bombs, lava lamps, magnetic density bottles, magnetic mazes, ferrofluid, Squiddy and pop rockets!

The kit contains all the items you really need for each experiment and requires a few things most people already have a home including: a bowl, spoon, scissors, colouring pens,  scotch tape, permanent marker pen, empty PET bottles, food coloring (optional), and a flashlight (optional).

Each experiment lasts between 10-30 minutes.

The kit includes an additional challenge task so that the children can take their skills a step further and turn it into a real experiment with new discoveries!

The experiments are designed to be performed with the assistance of an adult, however depending on the age of the children they can also be performed without supervision.  The videos with step-by-step directions for each experiment can be easily followed by children and adults. 

The kit costs CHF 50 and can be purchased here!

Supply is limited due to the unavailablity of supplies during this period

Feeling lucky? Enter the Momizen Science Kit contest for a 50 CHF voucher that can be used in the Spark Science camps, birthday parties or workshops of your choice in the Zurich lake region. 

Just make a video of one of the seven experiments from the science kit, post and tag @momizen.switzerland on Instagram or facebook and we will share the winners at the end of April 2020!

Is staying home making your children feel inactive and unsettled? Go to GroovyKids Yoga online classes


A few years ago, I was fortunate to sign-up for a yoga for kids teacher training course and meet Greville Henwood.  Greville is the founder of GroovyKids yoga and a wonderful communicator with children, who teaches teachers to teach yoga to children around the world.  He creates genuine connections with children and is always ready to transfer energy and wisdom the way little ones can listen.  Today, with children of my own I often tap into Greville’s teachings to find engaging ways to keep them physically alert by weaving in story-telling, games, and songs. 

Currently, staying indoors can make days feel long especially when there are little children around the house.  They too get uneasy if they don’t run outside with their friends and their energy can be difficult to handle.  Be prepared for moments like these with a Groovykids online yoga class that children can follow alone or together with their parents. 

The class is 45-55 minutes long, costs CHF 13 and is offered in English and French.   

Include MOMIZEN in the Discount Code field at check out and receive a 10% discount from the price online!

Origami art allows children and adults to use their imagination and their hands. All you need to begin is a piece of paper and Origami Guide!


I discovered origami guide when I was requested by my 5 year old daughter to ‘simply’ make an origami bird, and not just any bird, but the one in Frozen II (don’t worry, no spoiler alert in this post!). 

What exactly is origami?  A direct translation of origami from Japanese is folding paper.  Therefore, if you have paper and you are folding it you are making origami! 

Up to this point my experience with origami did not fold beyond the simple paper boat, so I searched online for another ‘simple’ bird-shaped origami that I could easily make and hopefully teach her to make herself.  I soon discovered that there were dozens of types of birds available to create and at different experience levels.  Finding easy origami directions online proved to be exhausting, until I came across the free origami guide. 

In this origami website you can search for directions by levels and categories such as beginner, easy, intermediate, origami for kids, traditional origami, origami boxes and many more.  There are even origami animal finger puppets! 

At our house, after we agreed on the right bird and I made my best attempt at it, I now look forward to folding my own origami gift bags and boxes for those special occasions that are bound to come up after the Covid19 quarantine is long behind us. 

To start your origami at home all you need is a single sheet of paper.  Small children can begin with the origami house, it is a simple construction that may need little help from an adult.  The children can even draw the windows and the doors on the house when its finished.  If you have more than one child you can make a street or a neighborhood.  Stick them on a cardboard an create your own 3-d model.  The sky is the limit.

We would love to see your origami creations with your little ones and you can give them some incentive to make more, simply by sharing a photo of the origami and tagging us on Instagram and facebook @momizen.switzerland!


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