How to Host the BEST Virtual Birthday Party!

April, 2020, by Tala Daniela von Däniken


Thisday, thatbday, the other day, someday, yesterday, today… I no longer know what day of the week it is. This may be the case for us parents, but I assure you that your child knows exactly what day their birthday is, despite all the chaos around.

So how can you make their day special during the lock down, when you cannot physically see family and friends to celebrate? While you could wait to reschedule a party when all of this is over, virtual parties are awesome and can even be more exciting than a conventional event. They are practically free, almost no clean-up after, zero exhaustion from hosting and you can still socialise within a virtual yet real time environment.

As a self-confessed partyaholic, I love finding new ways to party and have made a list of creative ways to make quarantine birthdays as unique as possible – just like the child being celebrated!

Here are my top 5 ideas:


You don’t have to be a craft savvy for these. It’s as simple as: download-print-make-party! Perfect Packages Parties can design and personalise any party theme your child wants. Plus, if you want to extend the party to anyone outside of your own household, you can even email them the party files, so they can celebrate with you, as if they were there in person.


Based on your chosen party theme, why not get all your guests to dress up? It’s a good excuse to get out of your PJ’s and be creative. If you are having a superhero theme, you could make up your own Quarantine heroes, such as Mega Mask Man or Captain Bog Roll. You’ll definitely make the other party guests laugh!


Everyone has a go-to dessert they love. So why not share the recipe with friends a week in advance and all have a bake-off together: you can mix and bake in parallel to chatting and dance away in your kitchen to your favourite tunes. You’ll get a giggle seeing the various outcomes of the same dessert too.


What’s a party without games and dancing? TikTok is big right now and can entertain children for hours, or put on YouTube music videos and practice the choreo together. Though, don’t dismiss old school classics like Pictionary and the Chocolate Game (if you roll a double on the dice, you have to eat a chocolate bar with a knife and fork with ski gloves on, until the next person rolls a double!).


These allow folks to see one another whilst adhering to the social distancing rule. Give your guests a designated time span in which they can drive/cycle/walk by your home and display handmade signs and balloons (and maybe drop-off a gift). The birthday child can excitedly wave from their window, which can also be covered with decorations to enhance the party mood.


Perfect Packages Parties make children’s (and adult) party dreams come true, by turning their wishes into reality through unique personalised paper party decorations, invitations and event styling. They specialise in party packages which are designed for busy individuals that need a ready-to-go celebration kit, but want something truly special and memorable.  

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