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When I picked up the book,  Fresh Air Kids Switzerland by Melinda and Robert Schoutens in a book shop in Zurich, I knew immediately that I shared the same love of nature as the authors. Their mission to connect as many families to the natural world as possible, is a common mission with Momizen. Together, we inspire families to grow closer to nature, and to educate the world about the important lifelong benefits of growing up outdoors.  Through helpful tips and drawing from their own experiences, hiking in the Swiss Alps as a family is more accessible than ever.


The story of Fresh Air Kids Switzerland 

Melinda and her family moved from America to Switzerland in 2007, and once they began to rebuild their lives in Switzerland, they were immediately drawn to the mountains. The mountains ignited a love inside them that was far too strong to abandon once their children were born. They longed to share their love and sense of wonder with the new people in their lives, and thus made a simple vow – to continue to do what brought them joy.  They strapped their children on their backs and got going. Their first book Fresh Air Kids Switzerland includes all the lessons from those first experiences in the mountain with kids, and answers the question that challenges many parents, “How do you hike with children?”  This first book is comprised of 52 hikes throughout Switzerland that aims to educate, inspire and teach families how to connect with nature one hike at a time. With four unique chapters including an entire chapter dedicated to creating happy trail kids, this book quickly became a best - seller.  Recently, they published their latest book Fresh Air Kids Switzerland - Hikes to Huts, which includes 32 overnight adventures for families looking to fall deeper into the Swiss landscape.  The books are published in English, German and French and are a valuable resource when getting started with children of all ages. 


Joining forces for to make create value for our audience.

We at Momizen are very excited to partner with Fresh Air Kids Switzerland and tap into their years of experience hiking through Switzerland as a family. Together, we look forward to bringing you valuable insights regarding the benefits of the natural world, as well as, how nature can facilitate the growth of children at all stages of their development through active play and discovery.


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